Compassionate focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Remove the obstacles, keep it simple, grow big !

Due to the changing environment that we are living in mental health wellness services need to reflect this change by offering you a  different style of therapy that teaches you aswell as treats you, that suits your needs best. Receive expert CBT formulas and interventions online along with step by step custom strategies to help you when you dont have time or when other therapies have not worked for you. Its time to try something different. This is a one stop shop that  offers you effective online or face to face  mental health services   Learn tools and make changes in your life quick and fast, Should you wish to learn more about your personality and your longstanding emotional patterns then you can do so right here at CliveCare  consultations to help  change your life and understand the formulas that you need to learn. Give yourself the therapy that you deserve and end the self defeating patterns once and for all.

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Why CBT?

 When you use CliveCare online guidance you opt for the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy strategic approach. You will learn formulas for how to change and solve problems.. You will also receive customised online therapy notes following the session  emailed to you, These will be step by step self help  plans and actions to change your emotional and behavioural  habits and customised to your individual needs.


“There is more n the surface than what our eyes can see!

– Aaron  Beck

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